Thursday, 22 September 2011

Rogero Manager v8.5 – Solar Edition

Rogero, the man behind his 3.70 downgrade PUP & Rogero backup manager has updated his popular homebrew application to v8.5. Checkout the changelog below.

First I want to thank the Anonymous original Open Manager coder for this talented piece of code, then the Payload Developers: Mathieulh, AerialX, Hermes, and Kakaroto for their efforts on improving the Payload, then all the Modified Open Manager coders: Moh_sakhaii, Dean, Jurai2, Drizztbsd and everybody else that i forgot…they all contributed in improving the OM to reach the way it is now, all efforts should be continued to make it better each day.
Version 8.5 (22/09/2011) ChangeLog from Version 8.4 (04/07/2011)
8.5.0 – Added Support for Rogero CFW V2 (to bypass the 3.70 spoof & activate the Payload).
8.5.0 – Added Support for 3.70_Version_Spoofer_2.0_355 and future spoof versions.
8.5.0 – Added Auto-Restart Option after Payload Type Change from Settings Menu.
8.5.0 – Added the nice 3D Screensaver (Solar by the Graphics Artist CondorStrike).

Question, I have multiMAN currently installed would it be save to install Rogero Manager also?

Yes! You have had both installed at the same time it will be fine.